Why UPVC Conservatory Spray Painting

Prestigious Coatings are able to restore your UPVC conservatory back to it’s former glory or completely change the colour totally. We are trained in the application of leading coatings specifically designed to adhere to UPVC surfaces that leave a long lasting, durable UV resistant finish.

A new conservatory will cost you thousands or pounds. Spray painting it? You’re looking at a fifth of the cost. Not only does UPVC conservatory spray painting make economic sense, but the paint we use is exceptionally durable. It resists weathering and looks as good in 10 years as it does when it’s freshly sprayed

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Why Prestigious Coatings ?

Before spraying, we clean all of the surfaces before we mask the areas, and also provide a window sealing service if required. We help you to update and refresh the look of your home for the fraction of the cost. We are fully insured, and we pride ourselves on the quality of service. We always go the extra mile to do a great job.

Our service is affordable and backed with a guarantee. Contact us today to find out more about UPVC conservatory spray painting and to get your free, no-obligation quote.

UPVC Spray Painting Services


UPVC Conservatory Spraying Process

Prestigious Coatings trained team of UPVC conservatory sprayers will carry out a process which will include removing the old silicone between the frames and the render.

  • Our specialist cleaning processes will be carried out which will remove dirt from the surface of the UPVC.
  • Once this initial preparation is complete the window will be lightly abraded to create key.
  • Items not to be sprayed will be masked up to protect them.
  • A final clean over using a silicone remover and panel wipe before spraying starts.
  • The windows will receive two or three coats of paint to ensure full opacity is reached and that a good level of durability is achieved.
  • Silicone is replaced using colour matched silicone.

The Many Benefits of Conservatory Spraying

Cost– uPVC Window Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to replacement Windows and doors, it’s the Cheaper Solution, You’ll save thousands by having your Plastic Sprayed vs Replaced.
Style & Appeal – Spraying the plastic will significantly enhance the appearance of your home & give it some style

  • Protection The coating will extend the life of your uPVC Windows & Doors by acting as a protective barrier
  • Durability “A Good 10 Years” It’s Tough, flexible & made to withstand what ever the weather can throw at it.
  • Disruption There are NO building works involved with uPVC Paint Spraying nor do you have to worry about the cost of internal redecorating that you’d get with having new windows installed (Wallpaper or Walls being damaged via window installation)
  • Duration Many projects take around two to three days however the smaller projects can be completed within one day.

Our work is characterised by its quality. Our paint work is flawless, and our process guarantees no overspray. We stamp our work with a 10-year guarantee which is testament to the confidence we have in our product. This guarantees your paint from all defects.

Types of Conservatories We Spray:

  • uVPC Conservatories
  • Aluminium Conservatories
  • Orangeries
  • Wooden Conservatories

UPVC Spray Painting Services

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  • Free, friendly and informative consultation
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fraction of the cost of UPVC windows and doors
  • Beat any like for like quotation
  • Highly affordable
  • On time, courteous, and tidy
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