Prestigious Coatings offers a fast, efficient Door Spray Painting Service to home owners, landlords, and commercial organisations in order to restore exterior doors to ‘look like new’.

If your uPVC (or composite) door is old, having it painted can transform its appearance completely.

Our specialist door spraying service provides layers of protection against weathering, as well as a great looking smooth finish to your doors.

Whether you are seeking an efficient way to paint a traditional front door, or you are looking to restore or change the appearance of a uPVC door, Prestigious Coatings has a solution.

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Six Types of Doors we Paint.

  • uVPC Doors
  • Wooden Doors
  • Glazed Doors
  • Metal Doors
  • Domestic Doors
  • Commercial Doors

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UPVC Spray Painting Services


The Benefits of UPVC Door Spraying

Cost – uPVC Door Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to replacing Windows and Upvc Doors.
Solution – You’ll save thousands by having your Plastic Sprayed vs Replaced.
Style & Appeal – Spraying the plastic will significantly enhance the appearance of your home & give it some style

Protection – The coating will extend the life of your uPVC Doors by acting as a protective barrier
Durability – “A Good 10 Years” It’s Tough, flexible & made to withstand what ever the weather can throw at it.
Disruption – There are NO building works involved with uPVC Paint Spraying nor do you have to worry about the cost of internal redecorating that you’d get with having new windows installed (Wallpaper or Walls being damaged via window installation)
Duration – Many projects take around two to three days however the smaller projects can be completed within one day.

UPVC Spray Painting Services

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  • Fraction of the cost of UPVC windows and doors
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