Spray Painting UPVC Windows

The new UPVC spray paint we use is industry-standard and low maintenance – meaning that no matter how old the PVCu you have installed may be, our reliable and professional paint system – and the best in spray paint available – will always bring even the most tired designs back to life.

uPVC windows are paintable using a range of finishes, including matte, satin and gloss. The finish comes with a guarantee against cracking, fading and peeling. Having uPVC windows painted improves the appearance of your home and can even make it easier to sell.

PVCu is fantastic and certainly does its job – but in time, it can deteriorate as a result of direct sunlight. This is why we work with only the finest in paint and professional equipment to ensure that existing doors have an extra layer of armour against sun damage and years of use to come.

How to Spray Paint UPVC Windows

To paint plastic window frames, you’ll need to trim any silicone away from the frame, clean the surfaces thoroughly then key all the plastic areas to be painted. After masking the glass and surrounding areas, use a window preparation solution prior to applying the paint, one light coat and a further full coat of our special paint will need to be applied.

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The Many Benefits of UPVC Window Spraying

Cost – uPVC Window Spraying is the “Cost-Effective Alternative” to replacement Windows and doors, it’s the Cheaper
Solution – You’ll save thousands by having your Plastic Sprayed vs Replaced.
Style & Appeal – Spraying the plastic will significantly enhance the appearance of your home & give it some style

  • Protection – The coating will extend the life of your uPVC Windows & Doors by acting as a protective barrier
  • Durability –  “A Good 10 Years” It’s Tough, flexible & made to withstand what ever the weather can throw at it.
  • Disruption – There are NO building works involved with uPVC Paint Spraying nor do you have to worry about the cost of internal redecorating that you’d get with having new windows installed (Wallpaper or Walls being damaged via window installation)
  • Duration – Many projects take around two to three days however the smaller projects can be completed within one day.

Spray Painting UPVC Windows The Cost

Our upvc spraying Nelson, quotes are unique, each window you need spraying is dependant on size and the number of openings, bay windows are normally the most expensive due to the number of individual panels but small windows can cost far less.
There are discounts and offers always available if your home has a large number of windows and doors. Quotes are free and simple, please get in touch with us for a quote on your home.

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